Saturday, August 8, 2009

On København

Typical copenhagen scene: flowers + bike + bread
View from the apartment stairwell
Jared and Kitchen holding hands for my amusement

Kitchen, Jared
Kitchen gave me tours of the city while Jared went to school. I cant remember what these buildings were though. But they were pretty. 
Kitchen's shopping involved many a skate store

I love this. No idea what it was though. 

On Breakfast For Dinner

When i got back from my last visit to Bahji (see previous post), we went to Yas's where she had a goodbye for me on her (late. She's gone now too) amazing balcony. The girls and Chucas made a whole bunch of yummy breakfast foods cos they know how much i am obsessed with it. 

Jonathan aka "yo-nah-tahn"
Sophie and Jonathan
Mona, Shirin (stay classy Shazza)
The view of Haifa
And again. The sun had set by this point, so it was flash from hereafter
Nas and Haley
Mr. Dion

Sholeh and Safa sandwich

Omid was visiting Safa from Jordan/the States

On My Last Visit To The Holiest Place On Earth

My very last visit to the Shrine of Baha'u'llah before i left Israel was simply incredible. Nasim had the day off so she came with me. It was insanely hot. But everything was absolutely gorgeous against the bright blue sky. I just got these developed and i cant stop looking at them. They make my chest hurt. I already miss Bahji. More than anything.