Monday, October 27, 2008

be a GUN

guns don't kill people...

...they ace exams.

current aim in life: be one.

Hows The Journey, Nazy?

Me: OMG i cant believe i can SEE YOU on my computer!!
Awa: Its called Skype Nazy, welcome to the 21st Century.
Me: Awa help its 1:47am and im tired. Oh im also fat.
Awa: Nazy, you're not fat.
Me: Is that MUESLI AWA??? Oh, im glad you're a poor student that eats like a QUEEN!
Awa: I do NOT eat like a queen. i starve.
Me: Starve is such a relative term. How do you spell starve? Does it have an "e" at the end? It looks wrong.
Awa: Im gonna write to the people there and tell them, excuse me, Nazy doesnt know how to spell starve. Should she be there?
Me: Duh, clearly i have no concept of the term.

On Indulgence

The top 3
1. Cant stand to draw in colour other than blue and black felt-tip pens
2. Havent seen a brilliant film (that i've never seen before) in almost a year
3. Havent eaten anything awesome since Paris

On Rarity > Commonality

Are the best things in life also always the rarest things?
Or are they the most common?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Currents

- Prose over poetry (and not vice versa)
- Japan > France ?
- Combatting spammee anxiety by becoming the spammer
- Compiling, comparing, and contrasting a list of the references to birds in the Baha'i Writings
- Deleting all (95%) of the songs on oscar the ipod and adding all new ones, so that it feels like a newly purchased product again
- Waking up to a sudden urge to consume semi-melted, but not gooey, lindt chocolate
- Chandeliers = octupuses
- Mmm yom yom (kippur)
- The etymology of words (like "current") that have multiple, unrelated meanings

Saturday, October 4, 2008


In the midst of struggling to reproduce the above paper elephant, i came to the conclusion that whilst some origami is designed to entertain and be decorative (think cranes, chatter boxes etc) others are designed purely to test your patience, introduce extra challenge into your life, test your level of gullibility and make you wonder whether someone isn't actually standing in a corner behind you, giggling at your naivety in attempting to construct something out of a single sheet of paper, without scissors or glue or staples, into something which even remotely resembles the above pictured animal.

or maybe i just give up too easy.