Monday, October 27, 2008

Hows The Journey, Nazy?

Me: OMG i cant believe i can SEE YOU on my computer!!
Awa: Its called Skype Nazy, welcome to the 21st Century.
Me: Awa help its 1:47am and im tired. Oh im also fat.
Awa: Nazy, you're not fat.
Me: Is that MUESLI AWA??? Oh, im glad you're a poor student that eats like a QUEEN!
Awa: I do NOT eat like a queen. i starve.
Me: Starve is such a relative term. How do you spell starve? Does it have an "e" at the end? It looks wrong.
Awa: Im gonna write to the people there and tell them, excuse me, Nazy doesnt know how to spell starve. Should she be there?
Me: Duh, clearly i have no concept of the term.

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