Tuesday, February 24, 2009

On Sometimes, Celebrities

But only sometimes. And only some celebrities. Mostly B grade.

Pics: From....I dont remember them all. One of them is garance dore

On Universal Participation

for blogging 
more, Po. 
I missed 
you here.

On Pseudo Pasta

pipe rigate/macaroni/forghani/fusilli

Mikey's right.
Forghani does sound like a pasta.

On Menswear Makes The Best Break


Monday, February 23, 2009

And Then There's Jens

All of it in a nutshell right here

On Oh Hell No

For you, who shall soon receive Spring. Love, I

What will we do on these spring days that are so quickly approaching? Earlier today the sky was grey, but if you now go to the window, you are surprised and rest your cheek against its handle.

Below, you see the light of the already setting sun on the face of the little girl, who looks around as she strolls, and at the same time you see upon it the shadow of a man who follows her at a quicker pace.

Then the man has passed and the child's face is very bright.

- Franz Kafka

On Cool Bananas

On Mustard

Dont lets be silly.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

On The State of Statelessness: An Interview with Naysan R.*

*whose "Travel Document" has functioned as a passport since birth.

Whats the coolest thing about being stateless?
Some people think you’re a spy.

Whats the crappiest?
Not being able to travel easily.

Is being stateless lonely?

Do you feel a citizen of a particular place?
No. But that doesn’t mean there are no places where I feel at home.

If you could pick any country to be a citizen of, which would it be?
Maltese, because I’m pretty sure it’s a fictional place.

Arent you glad you’re not american? (You dont have to answer that)
Yes. (You don’t have to publicise that.)

Do you conveniently play allegiance to different countries depending on the situation?
Only in terms of supporting their football teams. Spain, I’m looking at you.

Is statelessness superior to citizenship?
If citizenship is contributing to blind patriotism, then a lack of nationality can be a good thing. However, given that citizenship and global cosmopolitanism can co-exist, no.

Is statelessness the way of the future?
Statelessness as a state of mind, yes. Statelessness as a form of paperwork, no.

If statelessness had flag, what would it look like?
It could be made of paper and covered in official-looking stamps.

If statelessness had a passport, what colour would it be?
Paul Smith stripes, with a globe design, on a sturdy leather cover.

If statelessness had a stereotype, what would it be?
Stateless people: we’ll marry for citizenship.

Thanks for your time.
You’re welcome.

(Also check out Sabrina's post on Stateless people here: !!!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


*intellectual property of Ms. Piperson

On Abigail Silk

i met her at the ice cream truck on my block
she bought a snow cone and an astro pop
i ordered a buttercup but i didnt have enough
i asked her for a nickel and she gave me a buck
i said 'how could i repay you, you saved the day!
let's hit the matinee and i pay your way'
she said she'd love to but in the same breath
she said she couldn't and i'd have to take a rain check
well, i guess she just killed that
and just to save face i gave her dollar bill back
but she said the money wasnt a loan
then she kissed me on my cheek but she dropped her cone
so i gave her mine and i walked her home
put her number in my memory but lost her phone
and i haven't seen her since, but if you do
tell abigail to come though (tell who?!)

On Afternoon Snacking + List Making

- The Akara by Beirut
- The Concubine by Beirut
- The conspicuousness of wearing a BWC hoodie is the equivalent of being dressed like a hasidic Jew
- Death by Max Brenner chocolate, courtesy of a thoughtful friend
- The sunrise > the sunset
- 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' is an ingenius literary brainchild
- 19 weeks
- Praise & Gratitude
- Dear film-watching streak, please stay. Love, Nazy

pic: from Yasmin

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

‎Someday, when you're awfully low and the world is cold

From: Mona  
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 1:09 PM
To: Nazanin   
i am sending you this bike either to help you get around haifa, or when youre feeling lonely, to come to me.

i love you

Thursday, February 5, 2009

On Collages > Colleges

Peter Blake is brilliant
Pics: wallpaper

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

* **** ** ***** ****

Baby went to Amsterdam
She put a little money into travelling
Now its so slow, so slow
Baby went to Amsterdam
Four, five days in the big canal
Now its so slow, so slow.

And i was heading up north
To a place i know
Eating well, sleeping well
But still i was way, way out of line
Amsterdam was stuck in my mind.

Mushi Mushi! Five haikus 4 U.

By Nazy and Po

Ich bin Berliner
Everywhere is a Strasse
Unless its a Platz.

My blue nailpolish
Its so nice to wear at night
Gone tomorrow though.

Haribo ist gut
But does it sound Japanese?
Po and i think so. 

I am at Nazy's
But not in Sydney this time
I am in Haifa! 

These were some haikus
We like japan. HARI-BO!
Thank you for your time.

pic: Ana Laura Perez