Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Abigail Silk

i met her at the ice cream truck on my block
she bought a snow cone and an astro pop
i ordered a buttercup but i didnt have enough
i asked her for a nickel and she gave me a buck
i said 'how could i repay you, you saved the day!
let's hit the matinee and i pay your way'
she said she'd love to but in the same breath
she said she couldn't and i'd have to take a rain check
well, i guess she just killed that
and just to save face i gave her dollar bill back
but she said the money wasnt a loan
then she kissed me on my cheek but she dropped her cone
so i gave her mine and i walked her home
put her number in my memory but lost her phone
and i haven't seen her since, but if you do
tell abigail to come though (tell who?!)