Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Highlights Of Going Back To College

  • The effeminate guy who talks to girls really well but no one actually knows his sexuality (including him)
  • The girl that drinks so much that she sorta freaks people out. initially she was a fun-loving girl but now everyone calls her an alcoholic behind her back
  • The really awkward guy (often prematurely balding) that hits on any female that moves.  including the girl in the wheelchair who simply lacks the mobility to walk away from him and his awkward advances
  • The guy that puts hours and hours into his outfit and hair but grosses out the girls
  • The girl that puts hours and hours into her outfit and hair and makes the guys drool
  • The guys (and girls) that only talk about last night's exploits (and facebooking)
  • The super lonely (often foreign) professor
  • The guy + girl who are flirting with each other but run out of things to talk about and will hook up soon enough when one of them is drunk
  • The super hipster guy who is so incredibly hipster that he's actually sort of weird/fugly looking (often long hair andbeard) and hurting his chance with girls
  • The foreign girl who doesn't speak english very well but is super cute so she tries flirting her way out of everything and cries when that doesn't work
  • The curmudgeon in the corner writing to his far away girlfriend
By anon.

pic: teenvogue

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