Wednesday, September 17, 2008

happy birthday to you

For some reason, i am suspicious that every day of September marks a birthday of someone i know. Certainly it doesn't, but there is something about the appearance of the dates in September which seem to scream "someone was definitely born on this day and you are forgetting it". They just sound/look so celebratory. 

1st September  (doesn't it just look like a birthday date?)
2nd September - (and this one)
3rd September - (AND this one)

In fact, day x September screams 'get your candles out'. 

Perhaps i just want an excuse to burst out into festive birthday-praising song. 
Or maybe i'm just trying to justify my daily cravings of chocolate cake

Mmmmmm cake. 


Ray said...

My mom, Soraya, her birthday is in this month...

nazy and po said...

They even spell it the same!