Friday, September 12, 2008

On Weeds

"Me week" s don't work.

We tend to believe that we need to take time out to 'recharge' periodically, as though relaxation and self-reflection were an accumulative thing. We postpone pending personal matters and file them away under "To Be Continued" while we trudge through the 'now' making all sorts of sacrifices believing them to be little investments, fine acts of commendable nobility even...while we let litle weeds of frustration, anxiety and, the most pesky of them all, spitefulness sprout up within us.

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Luis said...

hm, you've said quite a lot in a small paragraph. i've often felt it impossible to take "me week"s or even days. usually relaxation and reflection (active reflexion nonetheless) come hand-in-hand, one letting the other sprout unexpectedly, at any and all times. seems like "me week"s are sort of like saying: i haven't eaten for a week so now i need to make up for it by eating for a whole week.