Sunday, November 9, 2008

On Irks

I recently read that researchers at Oxford University have ranked the phrase, "I personally", as the 3rd most irritating expression in the English language.

The reason for the ranking was two-fold: It is overused, for one. Secondly, it is redundant.

I personally (ha ha ha) would add a third reason to the list: It is essentially a pompous facade that acts to out-confidence the listener into agreement. Whipping out the old, "Well I personally believe that *insert some typically vague, generalised statement about a usually highly polarised issue here*", is an effective way to subtley diguise a deficit in a logically defendable opinion.

Anyway, what i realised today was that i have my own list of most irritating expressions, and somewhere in the top-half of this list lives the expression, "I love my friends".

The reasons more or less boil down to the same 3 as above. Overused. Redundant. Deficiency-disguising self-assurance (probably).

But the real reason it irks me, i realised today, is cos ,"I love my friends", is the way of the world. Myself included. What's so commendable about loving your friends? Obviously nothing. They're your friends for a reason. One would hope that you love at least them, if noone else.

It's loving those who AREN'T your friends that distinguishes a great person from an average one. And it irks me to think that im average.


Awa said...

um, your blog is amazing.


sean is right, you were born to write your own column.

abbas said...

i don't know who you are either, but judging by the coolness factor of this blog you must be related to the forghanis from spain.