Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On Beetroo(t) To Your Heart

The word "mindful" is perpetually floating around in my mind. Sometimes i even find myself visualising the actual word. I guess to see it materialises it, somehow. I wonder what "mindful" would feel, taste, smell, or sound like. 

Today, the word surfaced in my mind momentarily, as it does everyday. But today, it stayed a while. First, it shuffled around a bit until it was comfortable, and then it just sat there. 

It seemed to be waiting for something. It looked up to the sky above it, as if in anticipation. From out of the sky, some other words were falling down with accelerating velocity, headed straight for seated and comfortable "mindful". 

As they fell around it, they formed an order, in that way iron fillings slide around in a magnetic field, assuming their designated places. From birds-eye view, "mindful" and its intergalactic siblings looked like this:

All of a sudden, "mindful" had a context, a home, a family. One must be mindful of what is Thine! 

But, what, exactly, is Thine? 

Before i had much time to revel in this newly-discovered ground, another separate string of words materialised around the "mindful" clan, as though inseparable best friends. It read:

And a moment of completely unexpected, unheralded clarity was born. 

 "Mindful" & The Heart--they feel, taste, smell, and sound like the same thing. 

pic:  skullset

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