Sunday, April 26, 2009

On Vahdat

Playing the name game.
With the girl who has the same name.

Po: Gross.
V: Prophet
Po: Dude, that's blasphemous.
V: Errrr, as in p.r.o.f.i.t

Po: Milk.
V: Yes please. Warm if you can.

Po: Bug.
V: Spray. or Off. Yeah, i'll stick with Bug Off.

Po: Tuna.
V: Ryvita.
Po: Eww. i hate tuna.

Po: Garlic.
V: Mayo.
Po: Really? Mayo?
V: They have garlic mayo at Ali Baba's

Po: Gum.
V: By. As in, Gumby

Po: Cushion.
V: Really? Cushion? Lame. *whispers* ppsshht, actually, i think of bums! DON'T WRITE THAT.

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