Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Bori saw Combas

My friend Andrea (affectionately known as 'Bori')
went to a Robert Combas exhibition
in Bratislava, Slovakia yesterday.
She recommended i check him out.
So i did.
And realised:
I would have recommend me to, too.

His work is kind of like
sophisticated highschool art class productions.
The kid that made sure he used all of the crayons
And had his work shown to the rest of the class by the teacher
as a 'good example'.


j'taimee said...

There seems a Basquiat influence, yes?
*sorry - my spelling, sans spellcheck as conveniently provided by outlook and word, is atrocious - or just bad.*

nazy and po said...

i can imagine Basquiat and Combas were buddies. if not because of art, then definately because they both have awesome "did-i-pronounce-that-correctly?" sort of names.