Friday, May 15, 2009

On Sickdom

Being sick and at the whim of your immune system is like letting kids bake in the kitchen. 

First, utter havoc wreaks as things are spilled, toppled over, and thrown around; the messiness is mortifying. 

Then, slowly, things come together as the various processes are streamlined and a coherence in the plan at hand emerges. 

A waiting period ensues, characterised by a sense of stalemate, at the point at which the final product is leavening. Patience is required because not much can be done in the way of speeding things along at this point. Little do the kids know that peaking (or leaving the house) only serves to weaken/prolong the process. 

Finally, after sufficient lapse of time, the final product emerges. Initial assessments will typically involve a sentiment of equal parts excitement and that shoulder-shrug resignation to the obvious imperfections. 

With time, the cookies will cool and (hopefully) take on a more sightly appearance.

pic:  cookiemag

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