Thursday, May 7, 2009

On Orbit. For Awa.

Im currently addicted to Wrigley's Orbit gum.
We don't have Orbit in Australia. (Do we??? Ive been away too long)
Israel has some tantalising flavours. Favourites include:
- Melon
- Apple
- Blueberry
- Peach
- Mixed berries
Im trying out combinations to keep things interesting. At present, im smacking apple + blueberry.
To my disappointment, the lesser flavour, blueberry, out-fragrances its more subtle and superior counterpart, apple.  
Editor's note:  Awaface, this post was dedicated to you, as requested, because of the astronomy/astrology sub-theme. You better still have that book i got you in Byron.
Also, i need a refresher lesson.
Im rusty on my compatibilities.
pic: Julian Hector

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