Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On A Jolting Concoction Of Reality: A Very Simple Recipe For Gaining Perspective When Job Hunting (Or Determing How To Utilize Your Time)

Usually, Jared reads the paper/s and I look at beautiful things on the internet. The truth is, when I pick up the paper, I am always appalled to a state of true misery, and often there are tears as well. I have always had a heightened sensitivity to injustice and violence, and the irrationality of political relations frustrates me to the point of real anger. This is largely why I changed my major in university from politics to film studies. Last night, Jared shared with me two articles he knew would interest me for different reasons. What resulted was something of a mental explosion that has had me jolted into "what really matters" mode. 


1.  A piece of news regarding the Nuclear Security Summit taking place in D.C. at the moment. Preferably one that tells of the production of nuclear weapons in Iran and Iran's threatening of the use of those weapons in major U.S. cities, should the U.S. not take heed to refrain from attack.

2.  This article in nymag regarding Lady Gaga: who, why, how, where, and what? The article is a comprehensive delve into her rise to fame and includes verbatim quotes in which she states such matter-of-fact things as "Pop stars should not eat" and how her study of and adherence to Andy Warhol's notion of fame and vanity led her to popstardom: "Andy said you only needed fifteen minutes" (of fame).


1. Read both ingredients in no particular order.

2. (Optional) Discuss your thoughts and feelings of each with an intelligent person nearby.

3.  Calm down and put things into perspective, should your thoughts be too hot to handle. Sleep on it if necessary.

4.  Read and meditate on these Words:

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