Friday, April 9, 2010

The Wedding Part I

Jared and I got married on the 15th of January this year in Haifa, Israel. We flew there just for the wedding. Which means we got ready for it in Sydney where we were living before the wedding. It was a very small, intimate wedding with less than 40 guests. Still, it was pretty tough to plan a wedding from another country. But we did it. Together, we planned every single bit of it. We designed everything ourselves - the invites, his suit, my dress, our rings, the program, the tea party. It was a wonderful way to express ourselves creatively, and everything had a personal touch, which was most important to us. It was our day, afterall. 

All photos are by Iman Ferdowsi, who is a mutual friend of ours and who grew up with Jared in Haifa.

 Jared had his classic 3-piece black and white suit made at Rochefort in Sydney. His silver Tiffany's cuff links, a present from me, have his initials engraved on the front and the date of our wedding on the back. We didn't know at the time but Jared's mum later told us that, unbelievably, she gave his father the EXACT SAME GIFT for their wedding. We rented a car in Israel to drive ourselves around in. He is on his way to pick me up at my hotel. 

His suit has his name embroidered on the inside. Perk of having a suit made for you.

Outside my hotel, about to come up and collect me. Country Road shoes.

Finally! In the background, my sweet best friend and unofficial maid of honour, Haley "adorable" Hoffman.

Overwhelmed. Nervous. Excited.

Marvelling at the absolutely perfect blue sky over the bay of Mount Carmel. We were SO lucky!
I designed my dress with William Lazootin (who was actually a contestant on Australia's Project Runway! ). He handmade it over the course of only a few weeks. It is layers of oyster and blush-coloured silk georgette and a scallop-edged french lace. My engagement ring was from the Bondi Beach markets in Sydney. The designer, Melinda King, uses silver and beautiful fresh water pearls. My purse is a glass-beaded vintage clutch that I bought at Glebe markets in Sydney years ago but had never used.

On the Terraces of the Shrine of the Báb on Mount Carmel, which are actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Trying not to step on my delicate dress.

The most beautiful day in the most beautiful place. In the world.

To be continued.


laily said...

i lovvvvee you two.

Kamran said...

fantastic :)