Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On Puzzle, Prose and Pros

It is a well-known fact that American's drink terrible coffee. As Jared's Uncle Rick keeps reminding me, I, too, am American, so i will clarify this statement. American restaurants, cafe's and diners largely sell filtered or percolated coffee. Therefore, Americans largely drink watery brown liquid that tastes almost nothing like espresso-based coffee.

This past weekend, I tried a latte at Politics and Prose and it was more on the "very good" side of good. Was it a fluke? I'd like to believe that their sweaty barista, who was working so fast he almost appeared to be juggling, is a man of quality and consistency.

Upstairs, i picked up a 1000 piece puzzle of a drawing by Edward Gorey.

Jared and I smashed it in 2 days. I feel that is an accomplishment worth sharing. It was really hard! It takes up almost exactly half of our dining table, but neither of us have disassembled it as yet. It has been 2 days since we fininshed it. I wonder who will be the first to be sick of the sight of it.

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Shanti said...

yes, it really does have good coffee! and if you want to pay 4.50 per cup, you can also get amazing coffee at any of jose andres' restaurants (oyamel, jaleo...) dc foodies have really failed to step up when it comes to quality cafe. Can we import from Sydney??