Thursday, December 25, 2008

On Afternoon Delight

pic: annabel mehran

1. Come home completely spent.
2. Unpack groceries.
3. Assess the now semi-thawed frozen berries - freezer or fridge? Decide on deciding later, and leave them on the counter.
4. Resume unpacking groceries, whilst marvelling at the oddity of your newly acquired taste for soy milk.
5. Eye recently purchsed secondhand blender.
6. Empty most of the berries - boysen, black, blue, rasp, and ch - into awesome space age jug component of (Kent's old) blender.
7. Conclude that the likelihood he originally purchased the blender cos it looks like something out of The Bauhaus is moderately high to very high.
8. Discover half a carton of soy milk you forgot about in the fridge, and pour it over berries.
9. Revel in your luck that it was previously chilled. Warm soy milk is probably utterly disgusting. Using the new carton probably wouldve destroyed the new obsession forever.
10. Turn blender on medium blenderingness.
11. Check email.
12. Turn blender off.
13. Pour the custard-consistency contents into a tall glass.
14. Almost die at how insanely beautiful its shade of purple is.
15. Drink. DE. LICIOUS.
16. Repeat steps 6-15 for a friend named Shadi that drops in and is hungry for a snack.
*Hot chocolate tea party not included.

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