Sunday, December 14, 2008

On A Collection Of Unrelated Pictures And Thoughts

Its funny how used to things we get. I used to dread running on the streets here cos of the filth and the rancid smells and the cats and the staring people. Now, it doesnt phase me as much.
This reminds me of po and I. Frocks and chucks.

I saw The Darjeeling Limited on my flight out of Sydney in December 2007. It was the perfect leaving home film for some reason. I guess cos it was all about journeying and the strange phenomenon that occurs wherein one finds comfort in, and becomes attached to, the unfamiliar. Also, I loved Adrien Brody's numb expressionless-ness. He was less self-pitying than Owen Wilson's character, but nowhere near as arrogant as Jason Schwartzman's. He was just so blah. And lanky.
Wooden and tiled floors are such symbols of the quintessentially urban to me. I mostly like it. But now that its cold, i miss the plush taupe carpet in my bedroom in Camden.

Im not sure what this is a photo of, but i found it amongst some photos of Berlin that i saved to my computer a while ago. Today i have a new housemate. After 2 months of living alone. She is from Germany. Somewhere East. Not far from Berlin. I forget the name. Hers is Sophie though. She's a sweetheart.
These kids are so simultaneously now, and then.
Im kind of really obsessed with elaborate light fixtures of late. I think it might have to do with the fact that i have a gorgeous and gigantic chandelier at eye-level view from my desk in the office. Which means i have a resident chandelier in my peripheral vision for 9 hours of a day.
Kimia told me about this artist, Alex Kavensky. He does these gorgeous oil paintings (above and below) that essentially summarise the subject matter by way of capturing the feeling around it, rather than just the object itself. I love them.

Pictures are sometimes so much easier than words. But then again, sometimes the opposite is more true. But pictures of words are my favourite.

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