Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On The Brilliance Of The Handmade

2 nights ago, i made miso soup.
Ok, I know there isnt much to miso soup in terms of ingredients, but there is a particular sort of mysticism associated with it because noone actually knows what it actually is. Its one of those things i would only ever think to eat at a Japanese restaurant. Where else would you find miso soup? And i've never even heard of anyone who isnt japanese and knows how to make it at home, let alone does.
Anyway, from time to time, i figure out how to make foods that i initially presume are un-recreate-able. The satisfaction derived from this discovery of the recreate-ability of my favourite things is (almost) unparalleled--"things" because for at least 24 hours after Kimia showed me how to make a hardcover fabric bound notebook from scratch, i was literally unable to contain my sheer delight for the whole process and my obsession with the exquisite final product.
In the same light, i wish i knew how to carpet weave. Because i would recreate this insanely awesome handwoven wall-hanging. By Paul Smith for The Rug Company.

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