Sunday, December 14, 2008

On metamorphosis | ˌmetəˈmôrfəsəs|

I wish there was a way of quantifying undergone paradigm shifts. Like, graphically.

Some awesome, instantaneous mechanism would collect and collate one's experiences, emotions, sensory associations, intellectual development, perceptions, realisations, etc. into a neatly presented series of moving animations, much like one of those fast-forwarded nature documentaries in real-time of a caterpillar cocooning and reincarnating as a butterfly.

It would be such a helpful means of discerning one's personal caterpillar to butterfly ratio.

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j'taimee said...

you do - it's your brain... and it manifests visually in daydreams and etc. or maybe it manifests in your reality. how can we be absolutely sure that what we see is what is really and actually before us. we can't. you probably see something different than i do every day - even if we were to look at the same things simultaneously. it's like your picture/thoughts on running in Haifa - you start to not notice or to actually notice different things based upon your circumstances and the ways in which you interface with your surroundings.
okay, i've stopped making sense now. enjoy your views of chandeliers. ;)